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JMR Capital Partners is an investment firm focused on providing capital to our captive auto related companies. We have designed a program for our investors to participate in a safe, fully collateralized investment combined with a higher than average yield. Our program allows our investors to profit from the benefits of a simple, transparent and highly liquid business that provides consistent monthly interest payments with an option of participating in our IPO at a substantial discount.

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How We Manage Our Customers

- We cater to the customer that has difficulty securing credit due to past credit issues. Our customers are all met personally and thoroughly screened. Due to their flawed credit history, we will anticipate payment issues from time to time. We have a multitude of protection features built into our contracts that not only protect our portfolio but keep the customers paying regularly which may include having payments rescheduled and contracts re-termed.

- We service all of our own loans in-house. This allows constant communication with our customers. This regular contact is a valuable marketing tool and is a benefit to which very few independent dealerships have access.

- Our “Credit Repair Program” offers customers an incentive to be current with their payments. We can be flexible in reporting their payment history and use this as an additional tool to keep them current.

- Our primary focus is to keep our customers happy. Happy customers pay their bills. Happy customers are repeat customers and happy customers tell their friends.

- We only offer reliable, easy to maintain, mid-tier automobiles. This is very important on the front end of an installment contract. Customers anticipate issues with used vehicles, but we do not want them experiencing these problems within the first six months of purchase. We are so confident in the vehicles we sell that we offer 90 day in-house drive train warranties which is unprecedented in the industry.

- Our services are fully priced. Our customers are willing to pay these higher costs because we treat them fairly and help to keep them current with their payments.

- Occasionally, our customers may find themselves in a situation where they can no longer be able to keep their original contact obligation. They need a loan modification. Unlike our competitors who prefer to use repossession as a profit center, our preference is to keep our customers on the road driving our vehicles. This simply involves putting them in a less expensive car. Repossessing vehicles upsets customers and we only do this as a last resort.

How We Protect Our Investors

- Our team will acquire vehicles that meet our minimum standards and for this example we shall say the vehicle cost is $9,000.

- We will spend another $1,000 on average reconditioning the vehicle to front line quality with the total cost now $10,000.

- Every car we finance is installed with a real time Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device with accuracy within 20 feet throughout the United States. In addition to GPS monitoring our portfolio, these units have late payment warning buzzers that are automatically activated once a payment is late and starter interruption capabilities employed if needed.

- Our team prices the vehicle at a price slightly below fair market value to immediately attract interest. In this case, that would be $12,000. Remember, we want to move vehicles. Making top dollar on our vehicles is not our main focus like 95% of other dealers. We make our money by “Being the Bank”.

- Soon we will have a customer that purchases the vehicle with a $2,000 down payment in the form of cash or a trade-in. Trade-ins are preferred as we make an average of 50% after costs on trade-ins.

- After the down payment, we now own the vehicle for $8,000 and have an installment contract for $10,000. (For simplicity, this example excludes sales tax and lucrative add- ons like GAP insurance and vehicle service contracts.)

- Suppose the customer makes payments for 6 months and then defaults. At our average interest rate, the customer will have made six payments at $300 per month totaling $1800.

- We now own the vehicle at $6,200

- If the customer is no longer able to make payments and their contact could not be renegotiated, we would then have to repossess the vehicle.

- Taking a conservative stance, this vehicle would most likely be remarketed for $10,000 three months after the last payment received. $2,000 less than we sold to the original customer.

- Consequently, we would realize a profit of $3,800.
- This repossession scenario represents a 57% annualized return ($3,800 divided by $10,000 times 9 months)
- So even in this repossession example, one can see how JMRCP is able to provide significant asset protection and high returns to our investors with a defined and minimal risk..

In 2014, 43.8 million used cars were sold in the United States with sales dwarfing the new car sales market of 15.5 million units by almost three times. With dramatic improvements in automotive technology, the used car market has become more aligned as a viable alternative to the new car market with production quality and vehicle reliability both making dramatic advances. This blurring of the market has allowed used car pricing to hold up very well with new cars and consequently average used car prices remain high. This has fostered the need for expanded used car financing.

With nearly 70% of all used cars priced above $8,500 being financed, the used car loan origination market represents a $180 billion leading opportunity nationwide with Southern California representing $13 billion of that market itself. JMRCP has positioned itself well to take advantage of this dynamically changing market and is at the forefront with innovative solutions to serve their customers.

Executive Leadership


Managing Partner and the President of JMR Capital Partners

Michael Ross is a Managing Partner and the President of JMR Capital Partners. Mr. Ross has been involved in the automotive acquisition and capital formation markets for the past 25 years. Specialties include raising and managing working capital solutions for automotive and specialty finance companies. Prior to joining JMR Capital Partners, Mr. Ross was Senior Vice President of Accelerated Capital and President of Cygni Securities where he was in charge of the Alternative Investments Group. His further experience in the capital markets has previously entailed being President of JMR Trading where he founded and managed a proprietary trading firm from 1997 to 2010. Prior to that, he spent 9 years with Cantor Fitzgerald in New York. Mr. Ross started the Institutional Corporate Buyback Department where his group executed $3 billion in new business during that time and in 1993 became the youngest partner in the firm. Mr. Ross received his B.A. in Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH, and has held his Series 7, 24, 55, 63, & 79 FINRA registrations.


Managing Partner of JMR Capital Partners and President of Portfolio 360

Carl Meiswinkel is a Managing Partner of JMR Capital Partners and President of Portfolio 360, Inc., a California based corporation specializing in technology that combines loan-level analytics with data accessibility. Portfolio 360’s proprietary Mosaic Loan Intelligence Platform is an auto loan repository and predictive modeling tool that enables clients to make proactive decisions and focus on growth, direction and the earning potential of their portfolios.

Mr. Meiswinkel has more than 25 years experience in the mortgage banking and auto industry and brings extensive knowledge with successful ventures in the areas of data aggregation, software development, due diligence, underwriting, loan file management and valuation. He was the Founder and President of Lucre International Corporation, a national due diligence and software development firm which was acquired by Clayton in 2008 for its web-based due diligence software platform. Previously, he served for 10 years as President, COO and Co-Founder of The Bohan Group, a national loan underwriting due diligence firm with proprietary software.


Chief Financial Officer of JMR Capital Partners

Jerry Morey is the Chief Financial Officer of JMR Capital Partners. Mr. Morey brings an exemplary depth of experience providing all aspects of strategic and financial management including developing ongoing forecasting, planning and analysis tools in key business areas. Mr. Morey has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant in California for over 20 years and was “CFO of the Year” – awarded by the OC Business Journal and CA Society of CPAs in 2010. He provided interim CFO services for American Career College & West Coast University from March 2012 until June 2014. A company with $250 million in revenue and oversaw the preparation of tax returns for multiple entities.

Previous experience includes providing Controller/CFO services for Metagenics, Inc. for 15 years. He grew Metagenics from $23 million in revenue in 1996 to $280 million in 2009 when he negotiated the sale of Metagenics to Amway in 2009. He served as both COO/CFO for Metagenics under Amway’s ownership until the end of 2011 and oversaw the preparation of both domestic/international tax preparation for multiple entities. He still serves on the Board of Director for Metagenics, a $300 million subsidiary of Amway. Mr. Morey has been a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA) and a member of the California Society of CPA’s for over 20 years. He is also a member of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), and a Board member of Mission Hospital Foundation serving Mission Hospital Mission Viejo and Mission Hospital Laguna Beach as part of the St. Joseph Health System. Mr. Morey graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and resides in San Clemente, California.

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